70 Acts of Kindness

Life can be challenging. And work life can also get you down. At TTR, we celebrate 12 company values which we apply daily. This makes life better in many ways and helps us to keep a culture of being kind. 

Being kind means making others feel important.

At TTR we believe that being kind is not just important, it’s life-changing. Not just your life but the lives of others around you or those you are in contact with. Clients and co-workers can tell when they are being treated with kindness. We often get feedback from our subscribers remarking on the kindness and care they receive from our teams. It’s what makes a client or employee never want to leave! 

We highlight one value a month, giving special attention on how employees can apply that value to their life, both work and personal. There are many values that we think are very important. But the most valued trait is to “Be Kind.” It’s being a friend; being generous with your time and attention. 

A few years ago, our staff submitted a list of different acts of kindness. 

We review it often — as a reminder, and a reason to smile and we figured we should share our happy list with you!

Acts of Kindness 
Look for ways to make people around you feel more comfortable
Hold or open the door for others 
Answer questions for new employees in a respectful way
Compliment someone on a job well done
Wave or say hello in passing 
Be patient when someone is learning something new
Be genuinely interested in what someone has to say
Give someone a compliment 
Let someone know when they have something in their teeth 
Let a car out in front of you in traffic 
Let someone go ahead of you in line at a grocery store 
Help a coworker when they have a question 
Let someone know when they do a good job
Treat others how you would want to be treated 
Tip more than 15% if you have the means to do so 
Stay off your phone when having a conversation or hanging out with people 
Take the time to make something for someone (baking, knitting, etc.) 
Say hello, acknowledge someone’s presence 
Make eye contact and smile at someone 
Thank someone for who they are 
Be courteous while driving even if other drivers are not
Be willing to understand other people’s opinion or point of view 
Answer questions in a way that doesn’t put others down or make them feel stupid 
Send a kind email, note, etc. recognizing something someone did for you
Laugh when people think they said something funny (whether or not is in in fact funny) 
Give your partner the day off
Actively listen when someone is speaking to you 
Help someone move when they need assistance 
Celebrate another’s success 
Call people you care about that live far away to see how they are doing 
Be sensitive to the feelings of others 
Do something helpful that nobody will ever know about 
Respect the opinions of others 
Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru or grocery line
Donate time to the animal shelter 
Make someone a mix tape 
Pick up litter when you see it, even if it was not yours
Be patient with others 
Show an interest in things others care about 
Ask someone about a recent trip or weekend and be genuinely interested 
Offer someone your chair 
Write a Thank You note 
Babysit for a friend so they can go out 
Be polite, even with less friendly people 
Do the dishes without being asked 
Find something right in what a person is saying 
Find something you like about a person you talk to.  You don’t have to even say it, just find it 
Let someone who is carrying something go first/get through 
When you call customer service at an odd time (like a Sunday), thank them for working so you have someone to call 
Make an effort to not snap at people when you are in a bad mood
Forgive people and don’t hold grudges 
Listen more than you talk 
Stay calm no matter what is going on around you, particularly if you have a reason to be upset 
Look for an opportunity to make someone look smart 
Cheer someone up who seems sad or frustrated 
If you make a mistake, take the time to apologize and correct it 
Be interested in others instead of trying to be interesting to them 
Be aware of those around you and notice if you upset them (then fix it) 
Find what others are doing right and thank them for it 
Buy someone their favorite treat 
Listen without interrupting and don’t offer an opinion unless asked 
Be helpful without expecting anything in return 
Find out what staff or others need and help them with that thing 
Give treats to dogs and cats 
Leave sweet notes for spouse or kids 
Give a thoughtful gift for no reason 
Laugh WITH someone, not AT them 
Come to the defense of someone, instead of “going along with the crowd”  Don’t those ideas just make you happy? Being kind to one another only takes a moment but lasts forever.  Be kind to one another and the world will be a better place in no time at all.