Artificial Intelligence and Sales Tax

by Head of Research at TTR, Ken Webster There are literally tens of thousands of tax jurisdictions in the United States alone, and many have their own unique set of tax rules when it comes to how products and services are taxed. Determining the taxability for products or services is one of the more intricate […]

What is Sales Tax Automation?

Once upon a time, everything in the tax world was done manually, on paper. Each and every line.  Luckily, technology has changed all that and made it possible to automate many business functions, including sales tax. What once took tax professionals hours, now takes a matter of minutes, saving companies time and money.  When you […]

ZIP-Codes and Tax

The Problem Using ZIP-Codes to Determine Tax Rates Figuring out the correct sales tax rate is hard. Many professionals decide to use paid-for or free online tax rate lookups. Most of those lookups are based on ZIP-codes. What is a ZIP-code? ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan. It was chosen to suggest mail […]