Sales Tax Fundamentals: Audits (Onsite Visits)

Your first onsite meeting with your state auditor determines the tone of the entire review process. It’s important to communicate that you are an ally, and plan to work with the auditor, while also maintaining some control over the process. Knowing the state’s rules will put you ahead leaps and bounds. Just like sales tax, […]

Sales Tax Fundamentals: Audits (What to Expect)

You’ve received a letter that your company has been selected for an audit. Now what? First off, don’t panic. The idea of receiving an audit is scary, but most of our worries in life arise from a lack of know-how on a subject. Understanding the ‘basics’ of an audit – what to expect and what […]

Sales Tax Fundamentals: Audits (Part 1)

Most business owners and executives are aware that their company could get audited for sales and use tax, but only very few understand the financial impact or the amount of production time lost during one. It’s crucial that all business owners have a working knowledge on: why businesses are targeted for a state audit how […]